Frequently Asked Questions

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Leadership Dynamics is the first digital insight product designed for individual leaders and leadership teams of high-growth founder-led or private capital invested companies. Leadership Dynamics is designed specifically to optimise the potential of an individual or a leadership team whilst maximising their performance within high-growth businesses. It provides leadership foresight on the performance and potential of individual leaders and leadership teams with objective data-driven analysis.

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PACE stands for Pragmatism, Agility, Curiosity and Execution: and is the No.1 Private Equity behavioural evaluation, that allows high-performing leaders to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and the key to developing their performance levels. It is the only behavioural evaluation benchmarked against Private Equity executives, designed by leading psychologists, purpose built for the unique leadership demands of Venture, Private and Growth Capital.

Is data good or bad? We use data to empower individuals and allow for more informed decision making, as well as the significance of getting it right or wrong. We want to elevate the human, not degrade it.

The mathematical symbol "for All" is an upside-down "A." PACE is for all; Leadership Dynamics is for all. To uncover the essential behaviours seen among the greatest leading teams in high-growth businesses, we developed our PACE behavioural evaluation in partnership with leading academics and the private equity sector. We assess and improve the behavioural complementarity of leadership teams to maximise the impact of their experience and skills - we find and evaluate the best person from among the most diverse set of people, and we do it for everyone.

The mathematical symbol for "for All" is an upside-down "A." Mathematicians from across the world recognise it. PACE is for everyone. It provides each leader with a personal insight into how they think and act so they can determine how they can fit into the team. Our objective is to maximise each person's contribution to the team and to that person.