Business success starts with leadership

Visualise, benchmark, and optimise your leadership team – pre and post-deal - with leadership analytics.

Leadership is the most important value creation lever in high-growth companies today. But it is frequently the last consideration.

Leadership 360

A 360-degree view of leadership dynamics in the high-growth business space. We provide unique insights into the competencies and experience of individual leaders and leadership teams within 7,000 companies - pre- and post-deal. Enhance your understanding of leadership success and gain a new perspective on leadership change and hiring.

Leadership Evaluation

Gather and evaluate leadership insights in the same way you would financial data - before you even make an approach. Build a profile of individual leaders and leadership team dynamics, entirely at arm’s length, with no contact or conversations required. Evaluate acquisition targets, flag up opportunities and threats, before progressing further with a deal.


Make leadership decisions with greater transparency and confidence and take the guesswork out of leadership change. Identify high potential leaders, development needs, and understand behavioural dynamics early in the deal process to shape leadership plans. Test out potential new hires at the click of a button and model your investment hypothesis against a leadership team’s propensity to deliver it.

The value we help you create

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Our clients know the market is more competitive than ever with their focus firmly on value creation. Making the right leadership decisions early in the investment cycle has a direct impact on driving a company’s performance– but leadership is often the last consideration. At the LCap Group, we provide objective benchmark analysis pre and post deal to optimise leaders and leadership teams in high-growth companies. Click on the video for more…

What do our clients say?

In 2022, Leadership Dynamics helped a property services company to streamline and optimise its leadership team following a succession of acquisitions. Drawing on peer benchmarking and behavioural profiling, Leadership Dynamics was able to recommend the optimal leadership structure for the business, to ensure that it would achieve its future growth plans.

Our process



Evaluate the leadership team from a distance: uncovering their structure, experience and behaviours.



Understand and benchmark the executive team, focussing on behavioural complementarity and intra-team fit to unlock value creation.



Get a route map to successful value creation through actionable leadership insights.

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