In September 2021, Drax was engaged by a leading workforce management software developer that had recently received backing by a UK mid-market Private Equity Sponsor. The business had successfully been through one growth journey with an investor, and was now seeking to go again for growth with the support of the new partner.

Using Leadership Dynamics, the leadership team of the business led by an experienced CEO, was able to successfully evaluate and benchmark their leadership team in order to determine the effective structure and experience profile that would enable the business to execute their new value creation plan and see the business scale rapidly.

The PACE evaluations of the leadership team further enabled changes to be made to the leadership team which were necessary in a way that minimised disruption and maximised impact, through the effective understanding of the behavioural dynamics within the team and the need for behavioural complementarity, particularly with the CEO.

As a result of this work, the business has been able to secure a complimentary COO to work as the business partner to the CEO, and undertaken a wider benchmarking exercise of their Technology function’s leadership, enabling them to act with confidence in the development of the leadership of that function.

Moving forward the business is currently using the PACE behavioural evaluation to help develop high potential individuals across the leadership team to provide robust succession planning options across the business, which the CEO and Chair are using to help accelerate the businesses exit horizon.