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A digital platform and suite of research and analytics tools that drive better leadership decisions

A new approach to understanding leadership and the value it creates

Basing investment decisions on emotion and gut feel alone? Unfortunately, this has often been the approach to leadership assessment. And while there’s a place for subjective measures, they can always leave room for costly errors. Our range of products change that, providing you with an empirically valid approach to harness the value of your leadership capital.

Leadership Dynamics

Leadership Dynamics isn’t just our name, but the name of one of our key products: a digital platform and suite of research and analytics tools. Using this platform, investors and businesses can evaluate and improve leadership teams, their impact, and the value creation they’re able to drive within a business or organisation.


PACE is a behavioural evaluation product, designed to measure the behaviours that make the most successful leadership teams stand out. These four overarching groups are Pragmatism, Agility, Curiosity, and Execution. After taking the evaluation, users have access to a complete and thorough profile of their behaviours, strengths, weaknesses and even the type of businesses they are most suited for. So, whether you’re an investor calculating the strength of a potential investment, a team looking to improve, or a leader looking for your next opportunity, you can take the PACE evaluation to get an accurate and objective view into your value creation potential.

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